To achieve a better body and more balanced personality, we design a wide range of exercise classes and programs.

Morning Stretch and Moving Free Stretch

Light movement and stretches with a variety of breathing techniques to help awaken your body and get the full benefit of the healing forest air.

Steps Bench Aerobics

A challenging workout using steps and weights to help increase cardiovascular endurance.

Dance Exercise

A low impact aerobic class, which incorporates different dance steps with a variety of music.??Below the Belt?An energizing class, which develops muscular endurance and toning for abs, hips and thighs.

Low Impact Aerobics

An aerobic conditioning class designed to develop cardiovascular endurance. Class begins with a through warm-up, progresses to a high-energy workout and ends with stretching and relaxation.

Nature/Waterfall Hikes

Spa guides lead you along forest trails (some with steps and railing) to spectacular waterfalls, pointing out the healing plants of the rainforest along the way. Seven different waterfalls  all within ? hour hike  provide variety and beauty for the hikers.

ABS – Abdominal Muscle Workout

An invigorating workout for strengthening and toning abdominal muscles.

Strength and Conditioning for Men

A total men’s fitness workout, which uses strong coordinating movement with lightweights.

Yoga – Stretch and Relaxation

A relaxing class that tones muscles, increases flexibility and strengthens the heart safely, while calming the nervous system, improving concentration and heightening body awareness.


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